Artist Statement

Jess Walters (they/them) is an independent scholar, disability justice advocate, and multimedia artist from Charlottesville, VA. As a neurodivergent Deaf-Queer person who experiences the world in pictures, Jess has a profound love for playing with words, gestures, and symbols to articulate that which they find otherwise ineffible. Since receiving a kidney transplant from a childhood friend in 2018, Jess has been creatively working to improve health literacy and healthcare accessibility. Through collage, poetry, film, photography, and mixed media, Jess utilizes artistic practices as medicinal opportunities for individual and communal reverence. Learn more about Jess →”
Jess Walters
Jess Walters

The Art of Our Scars

A documentary film project exploring the art of healing through the experiences of kidney failure, transplant, and the lives lived after.

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